Sunday, December 16, 2012

P.Mich. inv. 6238 (P46) Coming to the iPad!

The University of Michigan Papyrology Collection is soon to release an iPad (and presumably iPhone and iPod) app that features images and translations of and translation notes on P.Mich. inv. 6238—also known as P46 in NT text-critical circles. The U of M has put together an excellent two-minute introductory video:

It appears that Edgar Ebojo, a PhD student under the supervision of David Parker at the University of Birmingham, has made the translation. The dynamic page turning as seen on YouTube looks fun! And there is also the option, according to the video, to download the complete collection of images for offline viewing. It is not clear whether the Dublin leaves of this codex will also be included in the app, but I doubt that they are. It is also not clear whether one can access transcriptions of the codex through the app. If not, one can easily access transcriptions through the INTF's NT.VMR 2.0 (Michigan images are also there as well). The University of Michigan Papyrology Collection has an excellent Facebook page with news, updates, images, and videos created by the staff. I have been editing several papyri in the Michigan collection over the last year and I can say that the staff are efficient, kind, extremely professional, and they work diligently to respond to queries in a very timely manner. This can be said especially of Prof. Arthur Verhoogt, the acting archivist of the collection. Their team is certainly commendable and the collection is just outstanding. This is an excellent feature that I'm sure will be very useful to scholars. 

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